Kpop stars who died in military

Who died from kpop?

K-pop followers around the world mourned the death of Kim Jong-hyun , the lead singer of the group SHINee. In a case that gained international media attention, the 27-year-old star, who also went by Jonghyun , was found dead in his Seoul apartment on Dec. 18, 2017, in an apparent suicide, per CNN.

Who died from BTS 2020?

Kim Jeong-hwan , known as Yohan in the Korean pop group TST, has died aged 28. TST’s record label, KJ Entertainment confirmed the news, saying: “We are sad to relay the most unfortunate, sorrowful news.

Who is the Korean actor that died recently?

South Korean actor Cha In-ha has been found dead at his home in Seoul, the latest celebrity loss of life to rock the country’s entertainment industry. The 27-year-old star’s agency released a statement saying it was “filled with grief”, and urged people not to speculate on the cause of death.

What Kpop idols died in 2019?

Korean Celebrities We Lost In 2019 Trot Singer Jin Hyoung. Trot singer Jin Hyoung untimely death shocked many, it was also one of the first celebrity death news of 2019. Maeng Yuna. Actor Song Young Hak. Woo Hye Mi . Jeon Mi Sun. Han Ji Seong. Koo Bon Im. 8. Lee Il Jae.

Which Kpop group has most fans?

BTS ‘ fandom ARMY is undoubtedly the biggest fandom in the current K-pop scenario. The group boasts of several records and rankings at the Billboard, iTunes, YouTube at the moment which is all thanks to the ARMY members.

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What Kpop Star died today?

K-pop star Yohan , a member of the South Korean boy band TST , has died at age 28. In a statement obtained Tuesday by fan site AllKPop, the group’s record label, KJ Entertainment, confirmed Yohan’s death. At the request of Yohan’s loved ones, a cause of death has not been disclosed.

Who in BTS died?

Go Soo Jung, a South Korean actress who appeared in the music video for the BTS song “With Seoul,” has died at the age of 25, her management company announced on Wednesday. The news was confirmed in a post on the official Instagram account of her agency Story J Company.

What happened Jeon Jungkook?

BTS star Jungkook has admitted causing a car accident while driving in Seoul last week. The 22-year-old was driving in the Hannam district of Seoul over the weekend, when he hit a taxi. “Both the victim and Jungkook did not sustain any major injuries,” said his management company Big Hit Entertainment in a statement.

Who is most popular Korean actor?

Best Korean Actors of All Time 이민호 Lee Min Ho. 안성기 Ahn Sung Ki. 이병헌 Lee Byung Hun. 김수현 Kim Soo Hyun. 원빈 Won Bin. 소지섭 So Ji Sub. 공지철 Gong Yoo. 주지훈 Ju Ji Hoon.

How much do actors earn in Korea?

It was reported that actor Ji Chang Wook’s talent fee ranges around KRW 60 million KRW (USD 50,000 USD ) per episode.

Is Oh In Hye dead?

Deceased (1984–2020)

How did Hara kill herself?

On May 26, 2019, Goo attempted suicide in her apartment and was immediately taken to hospital, after which she apologized for worrying her fans.

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Why do BTS members wear masks?

The masks were used as a courtesy to people, as a way to keep germs contained.

Who carried Jonghyun’s coffin?

Jonghyun, whose real name was Kim Jong-hyun , was the lead singer of one of the biggest K-pop groups, SHINee. His bandmates and others from the pop group Super Junior carried his coffin, dressed in all black.