Watertown military base

What units are stationed at Fort Drum?

Units / Tenants 10th Mountain Division (LI) 1st Brigade Combat Team . 2nd Brigade Combat Team . 3rd Brigade Combat Team . 10th Combat Aviation Brigade. 10th Mountain Division Artillery . 10th Sustainment Brigade. 10th Mountain Division Band.

Is Fort Drum a joint base?

Fort Drum is a U.S. Army military reservation and a census-designated place (CDP) in Jefferson County, on the northern border of New York, United States. The population of the CDP portion of the base was 12,955 at the 2010 census. Fort Drum .

Fort Drum , New York
Country United States
State New York
County Jefferson
Town Le Ray

Where in NY is Fort Drum?

Jefferson County

How many soldiers does Fort Drum have?


What Army units get deployed the most?

Since 2001, the 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) has been the most deployed unit in the US military. Its combat brigades have seen over 20 deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

Do soldiers get paid more when deployed?

The most common extra pays and allowances during deployment include: Family Separation Allowance starts after 30 days: $8.33 per day, up to $250 per month. Hardship Duty Pay for location or mission: $50, $100, or $150 per month.

Are there Marines at Fort Drum?

FORT DRUM , N.Y. (AP) — It’s a first for Fort Drum : the Air Force, Army and Marine Corps training together at the northern New York military post. Soldiers, Marines , airmen and sailors often work together during overseas deployments, but they don’t get many opportunities to train that way.

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How far is Fort Drum from Canadian border?

Fort Drum is approximately 30 miles from Canada , with the Great Lakes to the west and the Adirondack Mountains to the east.

Does the 10th Mountain Division still exist?

The division was inactivated at Fort Benning, Georgia, on June 14, 1958. The modern 10th Mountain Division was reactivated at Fort Drum, New York, on Feb. 13, 1985, as one of the U.S. Army’s new “light infantry” divisions under the command of Brig.

Is Fort Drum deploying?

FORT DRUM — Between 600 and 800 Fort Drum soldiers will be headed to Afghanistan to replace another brigade combat team that’s there now. The Department of the Army on Thursday announced the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division will be deployed for the 2020 fall rotation to Afghanistan.

How far is Fort Drum from NYC?

245 miles

What base is in New York?

New York has five military bases which include Saratoga Springs NSU, Watervliet Arsenal, Fort Hamilton, Fort Drum , and the US Military Academy also known as West Point .

Can you kiss your spouse in uniform?

PDA. Because members are required to maintain professionalism in uniform , personal displays of affection are typically frowned upon except in certain situations. For instance, moderate kissing and hugging is acceptable when there’s a homecoming or deployment.

What is the largest US military base in the world?

Fort Bragg

What are the best army bases to be stationed at?

Fort Leonard Wood – Missouri. Fort Sam Houston – Texas. Fort Belvoir – Virginia. Fort Lewis – Washington. Fort Benning – Georgia. Schofield Barracks – Hawaii. Fort Carson – Colorado. Fort Bragg – North Carolina. Finally, at the top of our list: the historic Fort Bragg.