Randolph military base

What planes are at Randolph AFB?

These days, things haven’t changed too much at Randolph AFB. The current aircrafts used for training include the T 1A Jayhawk , the T 38C Talon and the T 6A Texan II .

Is Randolph AFB a good base?

Randolph AFB amenities and facilities are well above average and are comparable to the quality available to civilians.

How far is Randolph AFB from San Antonio?

14.8 miles

What is Jbsa Randolph?

Joint Base San Antonio ( JBSA ) is a United States military facility located in San Antonio, Texas, USA. The facility is a Joint Base of the United States Army Fort Sam Houston , the United States Air Force Randolph Air Force Base, Lackland Air Force Base and Martindale Army Airfield, which were merged on 1 October 2010.

When was Randolph Air Force Base built?


How many Air Force bases are in San Antonio?

The 502d is the home of Joint Base San Antonio , one of 12 joint bases within the Department of Defense.

What is the largest Air Force base in the world?

Fort Bragg

Who is Lackland AFB named after?

General Frank D. Lackland

Where is AFPC located?

Joint Base San Antonio – Randolph, Texas

What city has the most military bases?

San Antonio

Can civilians get on Lackland AFB?

All visitors to Lackland Air Force Base over the age of 18 and not in possession of a valid DOD identification card are required to have a Visitor Access Pass in their possession prior to gaining access to Lackland Air Force Base .

What does Joint Base mean?

A joint base (JB) is a base of the United States military utilized by multiple military services; one service hosts one or more other services as tenants on the base . Base Realignment and Closure, 2005 added to this list when 26 bases were combined into twelve and renamed as joint bases .