Point mugu military base

What is NAS Point Mugu?

Naval Air Station Point Mugu is a former United States Navy air station that operated from 1942 to 2000 in California. At Point Mugu , NBVC operates two runways and encompasses a 36,000 square mile sea test range, anchored by San Nicolas Island.

Where is Point Mugu located?

Point Mugu /muːˈɡuː/, California (Ventureño: Muwu, “Beach”) is a cape or promontory within Point Mugu State Park on the Pacific Coast in Ventura County, near the city of Port Hueneme and the city of Oxnard.

What is Nbvc?

Naval Base Ventura County ( NBVC ) is a premier naval installation composed of three operating facilities – Point Mugu, Port Hueneme and San Nicolas Island.

How far is Point Mugu from Oxnard?

7.28 miles

What is there to do at Point Mugu State Park?

You can hike to the top of the Mugu Rock and enjoy an amazing view of the ocean and surrounding mountains. Boney Mountain. Wildflowers and cacti in the spring with Boney Mountain in the background. Mugu Peak. La Jolla Canyon. Sycamore Canyon. Point Mugu State Beach . Mugu Rock Area. Mugu Rock small beach area.

Is Mugu beach open?

Sycamore Cove & Mugu Beach parking lots open at 8am and close at sunset. Sycamore Canyon & Thornhill Broome campground gates open at 8am and close at 10pm. No entry after 10pm.

How do you pronounce Point Mugu?

pronouncekiwi – How To Pronounce Point Mugu , California Have a fact about Point Mugu , California ? Write it here to share it with the entire community. NOT “MAGOO”, despite what some white locals will tell you. Yes, it’s “MOO-GOO”, as in ” Mugu “.

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What county is Port Hueneme?

Ventura County

What is the zip code for Port Hueneme CA?

93035 93041 93043 93044