New river military base

How many Marines are stationed at New River?

2,100 Marines

Where is MCAS New?


What do Marines do at Camp Lejeune?

For more than a half-century, Camp Lejeune has been the home base for the II Marine Expeditionary Force, 2d Marine Division, 2d Force Service Support Group and other combat units and support commands. The base actively maintains combat-ready units for deployment.

What is the name of the Marine Corps base in North Carolina?

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

How far is Cherry Point from New River?


How far is Camp Lejeune from the Outer Banks?

126 miles

How many Marine bases are in North Carolina?

There are eight military bases in North Carolina.

How many acres is Camp Lejeune?

156,000 acres

How many Marines are stationed at Cherry Point?

The air station and its associated support locations occupy approximately 29,000 acres. Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point .

Base Information (252) 466-2811
Military Personnel Locator (252) 466-2811
Civilian Personnel Locator (252) 466-2109

What is the toughest military branch?

If we’re talking about in terms of education, the Air Force is the hardest to get into. But if we’re talking about physical fitness requirements marines are the toughest. Air Force is almost considered as regular non military job. But they’re all as equally important as any other job.

What is the largest Marine Corps base in the United States?

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton is the major West Coast base of the United States Marine Corps and is one of the largest Marine Corps bases in the US.

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Is Camp Lejeune still open?

Mission. Today, as in the past, Camp Lejeune’s mission remains the same — to maintain combat-ready units for expeditionary deployment.

Can civilians get on Camp Lejeune?

Base Access Procedures for Camp Lejeune DBIDS ensures the protection of active duty personnel, family members and civilian employees while allowing controlled access to authorized patrons, contractors, vendors and sponsored visitors. Visitors must obtain a DBIDS credential at the Camp Lejeune Visitor Center (Bldg.

What happened at Camp Lejeune?

The Camp Lejeune water contamination problem occurred at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune from 1953 to 1987. In February 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that the contaminated water at Lejeune significantly increased the risk of multiple diseases including liver cancer, kidney cancer and ALS.

How many soldiers does Camp Lejeune have?

Lejeune. Included on the installation are more than 450 miles of roads, 6,946 buildings and facilities to support a population of approximately 137,526 marines, sailors, retirees, their families, and civilian employees. For more information, visit the Camp Lejeune home page at