Military base near myrtle beach sc

What military bases are located in South Carolina?

Historic Forts and Military Bases in South Carolina Beaufort Arsenal. Camp Croft – Spartanburg. Charleston Navy Base – North Charleston. Donaldson Air Force Base – Greenville. Fort Johnson – James Island. Fort Moultrie – Sullivan’s Island. Fort Sumter – Charleston.

What is the name of the military base in South Carolina?

Fort Jackson

How far is Shaw Air Force Base from Columbia SC?

about 40 miles

What city is Shaw Air Force Base in?


What is a military base called?

Military airbase, airfield or field. Military camp.

What military bases are in Charleston SC?

Air Force Charleston Air Force Base , Joint Base Charleston (3,877 acres, 6.06 square miles), North Charleston. Charleston Air Force Auxiliary Base, North, SC (2,393 acres, 3.74 square miles) Charleston Defense Fuel Storage and Distribution Facility, Hanahan. 628th Air Base Wing. 628th Mission Support Group.

What military bases are in North and South Carolina?

Military Bases in North Carolina Camp Lejeune, United States Marine Corps. Main Website | Contracting Website. Cherry Point, United States Marine Corps Air Station. Main Website. Fort Bragg, United States Army . Main Website. New River Air Station. Pope Air Force Base , United States Air Force. Seymour Johnson Air Force Base , United States Air Force.

What state has the most military bases?


How far is Charleston from Myrtle Beach?

95.5 miles

Where should I live if stationed at Shaw AFB?

Cherryvale. This neighborhood is right next to Shaw AFB and 10 miles from downtown Sumter. Westhaven. Swan Lake is at the edge of Westhaven, and the neighborhood is a short hop from downtown Sumter, just three miles away. City Center. South Sumter. Carolina Gardens. Sumter and Shaw Air Force Base.

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How far is Shaw Air Force Base from Myrtle Beach?

92.93 miles

Is Shaw AFB open to retirees?

Shaw Air Force Base reopens to retirees , dependents.

What is there to do in Shaw AFB?

But different doesn’t mean bad. If you’re headed to Shaw AFB in South Carolina, you have reason to get excited! Get cool at some of the favorite spots nearby! Sumter Aquatics Center. Keep your summer simple with visits to the pool! Splash Pad. Lake Marion. Sparkleberry Swamp.

What happened at Shaw Air Force Base?

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) – An investigation into a deadly F-16 crash during training at Shaw Air Force Base has been completed by the Air Combat Command (ACC). The crash happened June 30, 2020, killing the pilot, 1st Lt. David Schmitz.

How many Air Force bases are in South Carolina?

There are eight military bases in South Carolina . Every branch of the armed forces except the Coast Guard have bases in SC . Learn more about each military base individually by clicking on their names below.