Kings bay military base

What is Kings Bay Naval Base?

Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay is the east coast homeport for the Ohio-class fleet ballistic-missile and guided-missile submarines. It is the only naval base in the Atlantic fleet capable of supporting the Trident II (D-5) missile. The base quarterdeck phone number is 912-573-2020.

How many subs does Kings Bay have?

Located near to St. Marys in Camden County, Georgia, the base is the home port of the US Navy Atlantic Fleet’s Trident nuclear-powered submarines . The base’s population is over 15,000, which includes navy personnel, their family members and civilians.

What county is Kings Bay GA in?


How far is Kings Bay from Atlanta?

262.12 miles

How deep can a Trident submarine go?

Builders: General Dynamics Electric Boat Division.
Speed: Official: 20+ knots (23+ miles per hour, 36.8 +kph) Actual: 25 knots submerged speed
Operating Depth: Official: “greater than 800 feet ” Actual: greater than 1,000 feet
Armament: 24 – tubes for Trident I and II, 4 – torpedo tubes with Mk48 Torpedoes

How many submarines does the US have?

65 submarines

Where are US submarines built?

Shipyards for Building and Maintaining Submarines . The Navy constructed nuclear-powered submarines in its own shipyards at Mare Island, California, and Kittery, Maine.

Where are the US Navy submarine bases?

Naval Submarine Base New London is the United States Navy’s primary East Coast submarine base , also known as the “Home of the Submarine Force”. It is located in Groton, Connecticut directly across the Thames River from its namesake city of New London.

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What Navy bases are in Georgia?

Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay is a base of the United States Navy located adjacent to the city of St. Marys in Camden County, Georgia, on the North River in southeastern Georgia, and 38 miles (61 km) from Jacksonville, Florida.

How far is Kings Bay GA from Jacksonville FL?

32.90 miles

What base is in Georgia?

Hunter Army Airfield Army Base in Savannah, GA Hunted Army Airfield is located in Savannah, in the eastern side of Georgia . It is directly subordinated to a larger military base – Fort Stewart.