Hotels near fort leonard wood military base

What hotels are on Fort Leonard Wood base?

Top rated Fort Leonard Wood Hotels Lafayette Manor B&B. Candlewood Suites St Robert. Comfort Inn St. Robert / Fort Leonard Wood . Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites St. Robert. Bell’s Extended Stay and Suites.

What is the closest city to Fort Leonard Wood?

Fort Leonard Wood is located in central Missouri , in the heart of the Ozarks. The main gate is 4 miles south of I-44 on Missouri Avenue. The closest hotels are in St Robert, Rolla and St James.

What cities are near Fort Leonard Wood?

Fort Leonard Wood is located in the heart of the Ozark Mountains and is adjacent to the Mark Twain National Forest. Cities surrounding the post include Saint Robert or St. Robert, Waynesville , Dixon , Crocker, and Plato, MO.

How far is Rolla from Fort Leonard Wood?

27 miles

What is Fort Leonard Wood zip code?

65473 65534 65552 65583 65584

Can civilians visit Fort Leonard Wood?

PASS APPLICATION US CITIZENS: A Fort Leonard Wood DoD ID card holder is required to sponsor and validate access for pass requests. Walk-ins are processed at the Visitor Center or gate of entry in order of arrival, as long as a DoD sponsor validates the visit .

What airport do you fly into for Fort Leonard Wood?

Robert Regional Airport

How much snow does Fort Leonard Wood get?

Fort Leonard Wood averages 17 inches of snow per year. The US average is 28 inches of snow per year.

What military bases are in Missouri?

Missouri Military Bases Air Force Bases. Whiteman Air Force Base in Johnson, MO. Johnson, Missouri Military Bases. Army Bases. Fort Leonard Wood Army Base in Pulaski, MO. Pulaski, Missouri Military Bases. Marine Bases. MC Mobilization Command Marine Corps in Kansas City, MO. Kansas City, Missouri Military Bases.

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Is Fort Leonard Wood a city?

Fort Leonard Wood is a U.S. Army training installation located in the Missouri Ozarks. The main gate is located on the southern boundary of The City of St.

Fort Leonard Wood
Pulaski County, Missouri, near St. Robert, Missouri
The schools located on Fort Leonard Wood
Type Military Base
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What is in St Robert Mo?

Top Attractions in Saint Robert Pulaski County Tourism Bureau & Visitors Center. 26 reviews. M-60 Tank. 29 reviews. Uranus Sideshow Museum. 8 reviews. Tiger Typhoon Aquatic Center. 1 review. City of St Robert Museum. 7 reviews. Uranus Fudge Factory. 330 reviews. Escape Fort Wood. 49 reviews. Escape Uranus. 7 reviews.

How far is Waynesville MO from Fort Leonard Wood?

4.31 miles