Fort totten military base

Is Fort Totten open to public?

Much of the fort has become a public park and is open for tours by the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation. It is accessible by the Cross Island Parkway and Clearview Expressway (I-295). Fort Totten is designated as a New York City Historic District.

When was Fort Totten built?

August 1861

How do I get to Fort Totten?

Subway: Take the 7 to the last stop Flushing Main Street. Then transfer to the Q16 bus, located on 39th Ave and Union Ave to the last stop, Fort Totten . Follow signs inside of the park to the visitors center, located just behind the baseball field. Fort Totten is also accessible via the Q13 bus line.

What county is Fort Totten in?


Is Fort Totten safe?

From what my research has told me, I’ve gotten a lot of mixed reviews surrounding what Fort Totten is actually like. I’ve heard from many that it’s an up-and-coming neighborhood, and nowadays is pretty safe . I’ve also heard that not much progress has been made in the last couple years safety -wise.

Does Fort Totten Metro have parking?

For more information, read details here. Parking : Daily: M-F $4.70 all day.

What Ward is Fort Totten?

Ward 5

Who was Fort Schuyler named after?

General Philip Schuyler