Fort jackson military base south carolina

Where is Fort Jackson Army base located?

of Columbia, SC

What military bases are in SC?

Historic Forts and Military Bases in South Carolina Beaufort Arsenal. Camp Croft – Spartanburg. Charleston Navy Base – North Charleston. Donaldson Air Force Base – Greenville. Fort Johnson – James Island. Fort Moultrie – Sullivan’s Island. Fort Sumter – Charleston.

Who is stationed at Fort Jackson?

Fort Jackson employs almost 5,200 civilians and provides services for more than 36,000 retirees and their family members.

Is Fort Jackson a good duty station?

While the slow pace of the south may certainly be an adjustment for most, it is one that is fairly simple to make. There is an abundance of family events both on and off post to fit your family’s needs. Fort Jackson itself is a great duty station , and Columbia is quiet yet eventful.

Can civilians get on Fort Jackson?

Soldiers, Civilians , Retirees and Family members make up the Fort Jackson community. More than 3,500 active duty Soldiers and their 12,000 Family memebers are assigned to the installation and make this area their home.

What is Fort Jackson known for?

Fort Jackson is the largest and most active initial entry training center in the U.S. Army, training 50 percent of all soldiers and 60 percent of the women entering the Army each year. Providing the Army with new soldiers is the post’s primary mission. 12,000 military families make Fort Jackson their home.

What is the smallest military base in the US?

Ammunition Depot Indian Island

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What state has the most military bases?


What is a military base called?

Military airbase, airfield or field. Military camp.

Is Fort Jackson easy?

Fort Jackson’s main mission is training in excess of 48,000 basic training trainees and 12,000 additional advanced training trainees and Soldiers every year. It’s time to get excited about all the amazing things you’re going to learn at Fort Jackson basic training. Remember, it won’t be easy , but it will be worth it.

What units are at Fort Jackson?

Units & Partners in Excellence 165th Infantry Brigade . 193rd Infantry Brigade . 282nd Army Band. 369th AG Battalion AIT. 81st Readiness Division. Columbia Recruiting Battalion. DENTAC . HHBN. Headquarters, Headquarters Battalion .

Do you get your phone at Fort Jackson?

Fort Jackson is also right next to Columbia, so you should get most carriers. Relaxin’ Jackson . Pretty sure they let you keep your phone on your at all times. Cell phone coverage was pretty good there from what I remember visiting him on Family day and graduation day.

What is basic training at Fort Jackson like?

Basic training at Fort Jackson takes 10 weeks to complete. Unlike high school or college, where you may have been in class and studying around six hours a day, the Army trains for about 12-14 hours a day, 6 days a week. You’ll come to love Sundays, unless you’ve managed to “earn” some extra duty time during the week.

How far is the ocean from Fort Jackson South Carolina?

The distance between Ocean Isle Beach and Fort Jackson is 138 miles. The road distance is 172.4 miles.

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Can I visit Fort Jackson?

Fort Jackson Visitor Center Family members, visitors, and others without proper ID will need to stop by the visitor control center when coming on post for the first time. Located right by the main gate (Gate 2), it’s open every day from 0500 to 2000.