Fort dodge iowa military base

What military bases are in Iowa?

Iowa Military Bases Camp Dodge Army Base in Johnston, IA. Johnston, Iowa Military Bases. Fort Des Moines Army Base in Des Moines, IA. Des Moines, Iowa Military Bases. Iowa Army Plant Army Base in Des Moines County, IA. Des Moines County, Iowa Military Bases.

How many military bases are in Iowa?


How big is Camp Dodge?

approximately 4,300 acres

What state is Fort Dodge in?


Is Des Moines a Navy town?

Three ships of the United States Navy have been named USS Des Moines , after the city of Des Moines , Iowa .

What does the Iowa National Guard do?

The federal mission assigned to the National Guard is: “To provide properly trained and equipped units for prompt mobilization for war, National emergency or as otherwise needed.”

What military bases are in Minnesota?

There is no major Army , Navy, Air Force, or Marine base in the state; the only significant military facility in Minnesota is Camp Ripley, a 53,000-acre base for the National Guard located in Morrison County, in north-central Minnesota .

When did Camp Dodge swimming pool close?


How did Fort Dodge get its name?

It was originally named Fort Clarke but was renamed Fort Dodge because there was another fort with the same name in Texas. It was named after Henry Dodge , a governor of Wisconsin Territory (which had included Iowa until Iowa became a state in 1846).

What county is Camp Dodge Iowa in?

Camp Dodge is a military installation in the city of Johnston , Iowa. Centrally located near the capital of Iowa, it currently serves as the headquarters of the Iowa National Guard.

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How far is Fort Dodge from Dodge City?

4.69 miles

How far is Fort Dodge from Webster City?

18.04 miles

When was Fort Dodge established?

April 10, 1865