Fort belvoir military base

What branch is Fort Belvoir?

Fort Belvoir is home to the Virginia National Guard’s 29th Infantry Division (Light) and elements of ten Army Major Commands; nineteen different agencies and direct reporting units of the Department of Army; eight elements of the United States Army Reserve and the Army National Guard; and twenty-six Department of

What units are stationed at Fort Belvoir?

Units/Tenants 12th Aviation Battalion. 1st IO Command . 249th Engineer Battalion . 701st Military Police Group ( CID ), Terrorism and Criminal Investigative Unit. 902d Military Intelligence Group , Counterintelligence Office, National Capital Region. Acquisition Support Center. American Red Cross.

Is Fort Belvoir open?

May 7, 2020 The Fort Belvoir Garrison Commander, COL Michael Greenberg, announced his phased recovery framework to reopening Fort Belvoir during the May 7th Virtual COVID-19 Town Hall.

How big is Fort Belvoir?

8658 acres

How far is Fort Belvoir from DC?

15.78 miles

How far is Fort Belvoir from the Pentagon?

12 miles

Can civilians live on Fort Belvoir?

Fort Belvoir homes are available to all military families assigned to the Military District of Washington, D.C. Please contact the family housing welcome center for more information. The intent of the program is to provide military families the same quality of life in housing as the civilians they defend.

How far is Fort Belvoir from Richmond VA?

81.19 miles

Which gates are open at Fort Belvoir?

Fort Belvoir Gate Access and Hours Visitors Center | Closed. J.J. Tulley Gate | 7 Days/Week | 24 Hrs | Visitors and Commercial vehicles must use this gate to access the installation. Pence Gate | 7 Days/Week | 5:30 a.m. – 9 p.m. Farrar (Davison Army Airfield) Gate | 7 Days/Week | 24 Hrs | Requires Special Credentials. Lieber Gate | Closed.

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Where should I live near Fort Belvoir?

Best Places to Live Near Fort Belvoir Many people moving to the area live near Fort Belvoir in Lorton, Newington, Springfield, Burke and Woodbridge. Fort Belvoir is surrounded by Mount Vernon to the east, Lorton to the west and Newington to the north.

When was Fort Belvoir established?


Who is Belvoir?

Col. Fairfax named the estate Belvoir , which is French for “beautiful to see”. Col. Fairfax’s eldest son, George William, befriended young George Washington, who at age 16, came to live with his elder half-brother Lawrence at nearby Mount Vernon.

How big is Fort Benning?

284 square miles

What army base are in Virginia?

Fort Lee Army Base