29 palms military base address

What base is 29 Palms?

Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center

What units are stationed at 29 Palms?

Unit Information Page™ MCAGCC Twentynine Palms. 7th Marine Regiment . 1st Battalion 7th Marines (1/7) 2nd Battalion 7th Marines (2/7) 3rd Battalion 7th Marines (3/7) 3rd Battalion 11th Marines (3/11) 3rd Battalion 4th Marines (3/4) 3rd Combat Engineer Battalion (3rd CEB)

How many square miles is 29 Palms Marine Base?

Today, the 935 -square-mile base is the largest U.S. Marine Corps base and the premier live-fire, combined-arms training facility in the world.

Why do they call it 29 Palms?

Legend says that the name of Twentynine Palms was first used by these gold miners because of the 29 Washingtonia filifera palm trees surrounding the Oasis, and in fact the area was designated as such in the description of a mining claim by two partners known as McKenzie and Germain, who stated that their claim was a

Why is 29 palms so bad?

Twentynine Palms The desert climate brings extremely high temperatures with dry heat, and little grows there. Residents also riff on the name, citing the lack of any palm trees, let alone 29 of them.

How hot does it get in 29 Palms?

In Twentynine Palms, the summers are sweltering, the winters are cold, and it is dry and mostly clear year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 38°F to 102°F and is rarely below 30°F or above 108°F.

Who stationed at 29 Palms?

Population/Major Units Assigned The population of 29 Palms is the largest Marine Corp Base in the world. It includes 12,500 active duty, 24,000 family members, and another 21,000 DoD/Contractors. Because Southern California is a popular retirement location, 29 Palms has about 1,200 retirees in the area.

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What happened at 29 Palms?

A Marine who was transported to a Palm Springs hospital for a self-inflicted gunshot wound after a two-hour interaction with police at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center at Twentynine Palms died on Tuesday, Capt. Plymale confirmed the death on Tuesday evening.

Do Marines get paid for life?

Pension. The Marine Corps pension program offers half of a veteran’s full pay at time of retirement, beginning the day after retirement. If you retire after more than 20 years of service, your benefits increase by 2.75 percent each year.

What do 29 Palms Marines do?

Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC): Provide a standard of excellence in managing facilities, services and support to the operating forces, and families in order to ensure readiness of the tenant and resident commands aboard the Combat Center.

What Marine Division is in 29 Palms?

Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms is home to several important units such as the 7th Marines , Advisor Training Group (ATG), MC Logistics Operations Group, and the 3rd Battalion , 4th Marines.

How far is 29 palms from Palm Springs?

35.16 miles

Is 29 Palms a good place to live?

Twentynine Palms Reviews. The town is a very small community; however, it is a very quaint place to live in the desert. It is a military affiliated area and many families move here from all over the United States and overseas. Otherwise, its a very sunny and non-diverse community.

Is Twentynine Palms safe?

Twentynine Palms, CA Crime

Statistic Reportedincidents National/100k people
Robbery 15 81.6
Assault 92 250.2
Violent crime 117 379
Burglary 96 340.5