Which two examples of modern military technology

What kinds of military technology were new in ww1?

Military technology of the time included important innovations in machine guns, grenades, and artillery, along with essentially new weapons such as submarines, poison gas, warplanes and tanks.

Which technology was most feared by soldiers?

Poisonous gas was probably the most feared of all weapons in WW1. Poisonous gas could be used at any time and could be used on the trenches even when no attack was going on.

How did new technology influence ww1?

The new technologies led to trench warfare and the lack of new tactics led to massive slaughter at the hands of the new technology . The machine gun and the tank were new technologies that influenced WW1 the most. The machine gun lengthened the war and forced it to become a trench war.

Which sides benefited the most from which technologies in ww1?

The technologies of mass production and the ability to use faster, more plentiful ships to get product from America to Europe ultimately gave the Allies the edge, despite the innovations which came first from the side of the Central Powers.

Which new weapons were used in the war?

New Weapons Artillery – Large guns, called artillery , were improved during World War I including anti-aircraft guns to shoot down enemy planes. Machine gun – The machine gun was improved during the war.

What tanks were used in ww1?

German developments They only developed one type of tank which saw combat in the war. The A7V Sturmpanzerwagen was designed in 1917 and was used in battle from March 1918. It was manned by a crew of 18, and had eight machine guns and a 57-millimetre cannon. Only 20 A7Vs were produced during the war.

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Who won the first World War?

The war pitted the Central Powers—mainly Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey—against the Allies—mainly France, Great Britain , Russia, Italy, Japan, and, from 1917, the United States. It ended with the defeat of the Central Powers.

What new weapons made fighting in ww1 deadlier?

Some of the many new inventions / tactics that made WWI deadlier than any other war were:-Machine (Automatic / Semi-Automatic) Gins- Air Power (Airplanes / Airships)-AntiAircraft Gun – Poison Gas – Tanks 5) What methods did the U.S. government do to sell the war to the people?

What inventions came from ww1?

WWI Inventions , From Pilates to Zippers, That We Still Use Today Trench Coats. Now a fashion icon, the trench coat first gained popularity among British officers during World War I because of its functionality. Daylight Saving Time. Blood Banks. Sanitary Pads. Kleenex. Pilates. Stainless Steel. Zippers.

What are 3 major innovations that came out of ww1?

What are three major innovations that came out of the WWI experience? The three major innovations that come out of the WWl includes: speakeasies, assembly line methods, and scientific management techniques.

What new technology was used during the Civil War?

Many technologies from the Civil War such as Gatling guns , mines, ironclads , observation balloons and submarines became much more advanced as the years went on. Toward the end of the war both the Union and Confederate armies began to dig themselves into trenches just like World War One.

What made ww1 so deadly?

The loss of life was greater than in any previous war in history, in part because militaries were using new technologies, including tanks, airplanes, submarines, machine guns, modern artillery, flamethrowers, and poison gas. These trenches came to symbolize a new kind of warfare.

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What weapons did Germany use in ww1?

Infantry weapons M1915, M1916 and M1917 Stielhandgranate. Beholla M1915. Bergmann MP 18 -I. Dreyse M1907 . Frommer M1912 Stop. GRC Gewehr 88/05 and 88/14. GRC Karabiner 88. Luger P04 and P08.

What guns were used in ww1?

Machine guns Chauchat M1915. Colt–Browning M1895/14. Hotchkiss M1909. Hotchkiss M1914. Lewis M1914. Maxim M1911.

What is the most advanced piece of technology?

10 Ludicrously Advanced Technologies We Can Expect by the Year 2100 Space-Based Solar Power. Mind Uploading. Weather Control. Molecular Assemblers. Geoengineering. Mind-to-Mind Communication. Fusion Power. Artificial Lifeforms.