What state has the most military recruits

What state has the most military bases?


Which military branch has the highest enlistment rate?

The U.S. Army had the highest number of active duty personnel in 2018, with 471,990 troops. In the same year, the Coast Guard had the fewest number of active duty members, with 41,132.

Number of military personnel
Army Active Duty 471,990
Army National Guard 336,388
Navy Active Duty 325,395
Air Force Active Duty 321,618

What state has the most army recruits in India?

Army recruits from republic of India and Nepal. According to the Ministry of Defence, the highest number of representation in Indian Armed Forces come from below states, Uttar Pradesh – 20.6% Rajasthan- 7.9% Punjab – 7.6% Maharashtra- 7.3% Bihar- 7.0% West Bengal- 5.7% Haryana – 5.1% Andhra Pradesh- 4.9%

What is the smallest military base in the US?

Ammunition Depot Indian Island

What is the biggest military base in the United States?

Fort Bragg

What is the hardest military branch?

the Air Force

What military branch is the easiest?

the Air Force

Which military branch is the safest?

U.S. Air Force , hands down. The Air Force is the safest, cushiest job in the U.S. Military . They have the most lax military discipline, best food, best utility uniforms and on and on. The next safest is the Navy .

Who is number 1 army in the world?

In 2020, China had the largest armed forces in the world by active duty military personnel, with about 2.18 active soldiers. India, the United States, North Korea, and Russia rounded out the top five largest armies respectively, each with over one million active military personnel.

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Who has the strongest military in the world 2020?

United States

Which country has strongest army?

United States

Is there a US military base in China?

Notably, the United States has been in an aggressive posture in this region to counter the growing Chinese influence in the region. Under a compact of free association signed with Washington in 1994, the United States is responsible for its defense; however, it does not maintain any permanent military presence there .

What is the smallest military base in the world?


Do any countries have military bases in the US?

While there are no freestanding foreign bases permanently located in the United States , there are now around 800 US bases in foreign countries . Hundreds more dot the planet in around 80 countries , including Aruba and Australia, Bahrain and Bulgaria, Colombia, Kenya, and Qatar, among many other places.