What is blackwater military

What did Blackwater do?

The Nisour Square Massacre occurred on September 16, 2007, when employees of Blackwater Security Consulting (now Academi), a private military company contracted by the US government to provide security services in Iraq, shot at Iraqi civilians, killing 17 and injuring 20 in Nisour Square, Baghdad, while escorting a

How much money do Blackwater mercenaries make?

Some mercenaries make $500 to $1,500 per day. Interrogators are rumored to make up to $14,000 per week. The salary ranges from $89,000 to $250,000 per year.

What is Blackwater worth?

Constellis Holdings, the owner of the U.S. military security services business formerly known as Blackwater , is exploring a sale it hopes will value the company at as much as $1 billion, including debt, according to people familiar with the matter.

When did Blackwater close?

Iraq banned Blackwater from operating in the country in 2009 as a result of the incident, which also sparked debate over the role of private security contractors working for the U.S. government in war zones. The original push for privatizing the U.S. military came from then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Is it illegal to be a PMC?

However, mercenaries are banned by international laws while PMCs are considered legal. The use and recruitment of mercenaries are legally forbidden by the 1989 International Convention against the Recruitment, Use, Financing and Training of Mercenaries. Recruitment of people, for a private gain, is also forbidden.

What is Blackwater called today?

U.S. Academi is an American private military company founded in 1997 by former Navy SEAL officer Erik Prince as Blackwater , renamed as Xe Services in 2009 and known as Academi since 2011 after the company was acquired by a group of private investors.

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How much does a private soldier earn?


Rank <2 Years Experience 6 Years Experience
Private (E1) $20,170.80 ** $20,170.80
Private (E2) $22,608.00 $22,608.00
Private First Class(E3) $23,774.40 $26,802.00
Specialist or Corporal (E4) $26,334.00 $31,968.00

Do mercenaries kill?

A world with more mercenaries means a world with more war, which is why Prince’s proposal is so dangerous.” Accusations against security contractors range from accidental deaths and murder to the torture and rape of civilians as well as those in custody.

Do mercenaries still exist?

There are more mercenaries in the world now than at any time in the past. The US government is the biggest employer of mercenaries ; they call them “ Private military contractors”, but under international law and the Geneva Conventions, they’re quite clearly, and indisputably, mercenaries .

Who is the CEO of Blackwater?

Erik Dean Prince (born June 6, 1969) is an American businessman, former U.S. Navy SEAL officer, and the founder of the private military company Blackwater USA, now called Academi.

Who owns Black Water?

Constellis Triple Canopy

Who Started Black Water?

Erik Prince Al Clark

What do private military contractors wear?

Private contractors do not wear uniforms denoting combatant status, seldom fall under the formal command of military personnel and generally lie beyond the reach of military discipline that the armed forces use to enforce adherence to the “laws and customs of war” — although the law passed in 2006 making contractors

How much do security contractors make?

Reliable and detailed statistics are hard to find, mostly because many private military contractors work for the CIA and all aspects of their agreements are confidential. Nevertheless, most contractors earn between $300 and $750 a day, or between $9,000 and $22,500 per month.

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Can you start your own private military company?

Starting a private military company is a little bit challenging simply because of the various huddles you need to scale through before you can be issued license from the government of your country. You are expected to have a sound military background, relevant certifications and clean criminal records.