What does bluf mean in military terms

How do you use bluf?

BLUF is a military communications acronym—it stands for “bottom line up front”—that’s designed to enforce speed and clarity in reports and emails. The basic idea is simple: put the most important details first. Don’t tease or delay your main point because people are busy and their time is valuable.

How do you write military precision?

Here are Seghal’s top lessons on writing emails with ” military precision “: Use subjects with keywords. The subject line should always be clear and succinct. ‘FOCUS’ your message. Use the ‘BLIND’ or ‘BLUF’ method. Use an active voice.

Is bluf a word?

Bluf definitions (Bottom Line Up Front) See TLDR. (chiefly US military) Bottom line up front: used to indicate a set of conclusions and recommendations at the beginning of some text, in order to facilitate rapid decision-making.

How do you start a military email?

In the military they’ve codified and improved the idea, insisting every email start with “the BLUF” (or “Bottom Line Up Front”). The BLUF “declares the purpose of the email and action required.

What does bluf stand for?

Bottom Line Up Front

What is a bluf slide?

A BLUF (bottom line up front) is a paragraph where the conclusions and recommendations are placed at the beginning of the text, rather than the end, in order to facilitate rapid decision making.

How do you address a military superior?

Addressing the Different Ranks Address all personnel with the rank of general as “General (last name)” regardless of the number of stars. Address both colonels and lieutenant colonels as “Colonel (last name).” Address both first and second lieutenants as “Lieutenant (last name).”

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What are the five Army standards of effective writing?

Name five Army standards of effective writing. Answer:  Clear – able to be understood in a quick reading  Concise – few words and short words  Correct spelling, grammar, and mechanics  Bottom line up front  Active voice 3.

What is the format for military email address?

ALL Military Personnel have access to the Service’s computer for emailing friends and family. Regardless of the Branch they are serving in, (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guard), the Email Address for them will be the same basically….. Army: firstname.lastname @us.army. mil .

What is another way to say bottom line?

In this page you can discover 26 synonyms , antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for bottom line , like: final decision, crux, essence, last- word , net income, net loss, conclusion, outcome, income, profit and loss.

What is a memorandum in the army?

MEMORANDUMS. a. The basic format for Army correspondence is the formal memorandum . It is used to correspond formally (internally and externally) with any command, staff, or activity within the Department of Defense.

How do you end a military email?

Additionally, learn the art of using and when to appropriately use V/R (Very Respectfully) and R/ (Respectfully) in your signature line. In the military close your emails with V/R, for ranks above your own and R/, for ranks below yours.

How does military write date?

The United States military normally uses the “dd mmm yyyy” format for correspondence. The common month-day-year format is used for correspondence with civilians. Weeks are generally referred to by the date of some day within that week (e.g., “the week of May 25”), rather than by a week number.

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How do you address a major in an email?

What is the proper way to address a Major ? The correct way to address a Major named Mr. Garelick is ” Major Garelick”, or written as MAJ Garelick. In formal situations, a Major should always be addressed by their full rank.

How do you write military time?

Military Time : What You Need to Know Just like a 12-hour digital clock, military time is always displayed in four digits. The first two digits represent the hour and the last two digits represent the minutes. 0000 (said “zero-hundred”) is midnight, and 1200 (said “twelve-hundred”) is noon. So far, so good.