What is it like to be a military wife

What are the benefits of being a military wife?

Free Healthcare: Active duty military members and their dependents receive free medical care including appointments, surgeries, births and medicine that is obtained on-base. Housing & BAH: Most military bases offer free housing and if you live off base there is Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) compensation.

Do military wives work?

Remember that military spouses do work all over the country. According to 2010 DoD figures, 41 percent of officer spouses and 43 percent of enlisted spouses work . Just like you, they figure it out. They meet these barriers to their employment and they start to massage their bargain and work their plan.

What is the best job for a military spouse?

Software developer, market research analyst and human resources specialist are the top three occupations with good prospects for military spouse careers — and no state licensure requirements, according to research conducted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring Our Heroes program.

How do I become a military wife?

43 Awesome Tips Every New Military Wife Needs to Know Continue to pursue your own needs, wants, desires, and goals. Enjoy where you are. Seek out mentors. Learn your resources and benefits. Find a deployment buddy. Take it easy on yourself. Mentor other military spouses. Get involved and volunteer.

What happens if you get a girl pregnant while in the military?

In the Army , a woman who becomes pregnant after enlistment, but before she begins initial active duty will not be involuntarily discharged due to pregnancy . She can ‘t enter active duty until her pregnancy is over (either through birth or termination).

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Do married military get paid more?

If you’re married in the military , you make more money and get better benefits. So soldiers from the Army , the Navy and all branches of the military pay women to marry them, just to get the perks on the taxpayer’s dime. And it pays off: A married soldier can make tens of thousands of dollars more than a single one.

Do navy wives get paid?

To answer your question, there is no stipend, no monetary benefits for military spouses . Service members can choose to give a monthly allotment to a spouse or whoever, but the money is deducted from their own pay . It does not come from the Department of the Army or Department of Defense.

Why do military couples marry so fast?

Lundquist adds: “The conditions of military employment also lead naturally to marriage . There’s stable employment, comprehensive family benefits, and economic mobility in an entry-level job. With the unique conditions of military life, it’s easy to understand why these couples are quick to the altar.

Are military wives civilians?

When you marry someone in the military you become a military family and you are no longer a civilian family.

What kind of jobs do military wives have?

Military Spouse Jobs That Work for You, Not Against You First, let’s talk about practicality. My personal philosophy on developing a career as a military spouse is all about practicality. Pharmacy Technician. Medical Technologist. Registered Nurse. Dental Hygienist. Child Care Provider. Certified Nursing Assistant. Virtual Assistant.

Does the military help spouses find jobs?

The individual military services offer job assistance to military spouses through career centers on base. Find Army help , Navy help , Marine Corps help , Air Force help and Coast Guard help on Military .com’s spouse employment page.

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What companies hire military spouses?

Top 29 Remote-Friendly Companies for Military Spouses Kelly Services. Kelly Services is a staffing agency that annually provides nearly half a million workers with employment opportunities. SYKES. SYKES is a leading provider of customer contact management solutions to clients worldwide. Concentrix. Williams-Sonoma. UnitedHealth Group. TTEC. Humana. Dell.

Can a girlfriend live on army base?

To begin with, an unmarried couple cannot live on base outside of certain extenuating circumstances that would have the non-service member defined as a caregiver for the service member’s children. As a result, unmarried military couples typically live off- base .

Does military pay go up when you have a baby?

The military does not pay people more money because they have dependents. There is no increase in pay for getting married, or for having children. Base pay is base pay , period. In most cases, BAH is paid for the location where the service member is stationed.

Will the military pay for my wife to move?

Timing can be important in a military marriage. If you have PCS (Permanent Change of Station) orders and get married before you actually make the move , you can have your spouse added to your orders and the military will pay for the relocation of your spouse and her property (furniture and such).