What happens if you get hiv in the military

Does HIV disqualify you from military?

Infection with HIV is medically disqualifying for entry into U.S. military service. Since 1986, all members of the active and reserve components of the U.S. Armed Forces have been periodically screened to detect newly acquired HIV infections.

Will I die if I get HIV?

Am I going to die ? Yes, but probably not anytime soon, and not because of the HIV . The truth is, with treatment, people with HIV can live as long and as healthy of a life as those without it.

Can you have HIV in the Navy?

1. Yes. By law, personnel records cannot contain a member’s HIV status, nor can a member be denied reenlistment or promotion solely because of HIV infection.

How long is HIV military test?

Traditional blood test results are available in a few days. Some facilities offer rapid tests that provide preliminary results in around 20 minutes. However, it is important to know that all patients who have positive results on the first test must be retested with a second test .

Will the Army fix my teeth?

Apart from missing teeth , cavities are also disqualifying factors. While it is completely possible to have military dentists fix your teeth for you, the procedure would be better performed by civilian dentists like the ones at Linhart Dentistry, especially because they specialise in cosmetic dentistry.

What prevents you from being drafted?

Here are 11 ways people beat the draft in the 1970s. Be a Conscientious Objector. Make up a health condition. Have children who need you . Be a homosexual. Run away to Canada. Go to college. Have a high lottery number. Hold an “essential” civilian job.

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Do they test for STDS in the military?

Service members are fortunate that they are periodically screened for some STIs , including HIV. But you may need to be screened more often.

Can you join the military with bad eyesight?

Poor vision typically will not limit your ability to serve in the U.S. Military , so long as your vision problem can be suitably corrected with eyeglasses, contact lenses or vision correction surgery. However, each branch of the military has its own regulations regarding vision and vision correction.

What medical conditions disqualify you for the military?

Disqualifying Medical Conditions Abdominal Organs and Gastrointestinal System. Blood and BloodForming Tissue Diseases . Body Build Deficiency. Advanced Dental Diseases. Ears and Hearing Loss. Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders . Loss of Function in Upper Extremities . Loss of Function in Lower Extremities.