How to set military time on armitron watch

How do I change my marathon watch from military time?

Press the “SPLIT/RESET” button below the face of the watch to change the hour display option to “24-hour display.” This is the same as military time . If there is a “NEXT” button on the upper-right side of the watch , use this to advance to the 24-hour option instead of using the “SPLIT/RESET” button.

How do I change time from 24 hour to 12 hour settings?

How can I switch the time between 24 hour and 12 hour ? Start the Regional control panel applet (start – settings – control panel – regional settings ) Select the time tab. HH in capitals means 24 hour , hh (lowercase) means 12 hours . Click Apply then OK.

How do I change the AM PM on my digital watch?

Hold R2 and press L2 to select 12 or 24 hour format. The “ PM ” or “ AM ” symbol on the displat means both normal time and alarm time are in 12 hour format. Otherwise, they are in 24 hour format.

How do you set a marathon wrist watch?

To set countdown time: 1) Press SET and hold for 2 seconds. Hours flash. Press START/STOP to change hours; hold button to scan values. 2) Press MODE.

How do I set my wr30m watch?

Press and hold mode for about 2 seconds and then release. Press mode once more and now you are in time edit mode. Use the stop button to select what to edit, i.e. hour minute, etc. Use the reset button to make the changes once you have selected the hour/minute, etc. Press mode to stop Good Luck.

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How do I set my pasnew watch?

– TIME/CALENDAR: press Mode 2 seconds, then press Mode again but just 1 second. You will adjust , in this order: seconds, minutes, hours, month, day, day of the week. In each setting , you press Reset to adjust (it only goes up). Once set , press Start to move to the next setting .

Is it bad to wind a watch backwards?

Improperly setting any complication on the watch can cause damages to the movement. Additionally, setting the time backwards rather than forwards can damage the mainspring.

How do I fix the time on my digital watch?

Use the “Start/Stop” and “Split/Reset” buttons to set your digital watch to the correct hour and minute increments, as described in the previous section. Press “Mode” to display the “Date” setting screen, or alternatively, use the “Split/Reset” button to advance after setting the time to move to the required screen.