Readers ask: What Time Is It In Sheppard Air Force Base?

How far is Sheppard AFB from Lackland AFB?

How far is it from Lackland Air Force Base to Sheppard Air Force Base School? The distance between Lackland Air Force Base and Sheppard Air Force Base School is 318 miles. The road distance is 414 miles.

What town is Sheppard AFB in?

Sheppard Air Force Base (IATA: SPS, ICAO: KSPS, FAA LID: SPS) is a United States Air Force base located five miles (8.0 km) north of the central business district of Wichita Falls, in Wichita County, Texas, United States. It is the largest training base and most diversified in Air Education and Training Command.

What time zone is Lackland AFB?

Time Zone in Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, USA

Current: CDT — Central Daylight Time
Next Change: CST — Central Standard Time
Current Offset: UTC/ GMT -5 hours
Difference: 1 hour behind New York

How far is Sheppard AFB from Dallas?

How far is it from Dallas to Sheppard Air Force Base School? The distance between Dallas and Sheppard Air Force Base School is 128 miles. The road distance is 144.1 miles.

How much do you get paid in Air Force Tech School?

Basic Training Base Salary An E1 Air Force recruit — the lowest rank — will be paid approximately $1599 a month or $19,198 a year. This is the pay that a new recruit with only a high school education receives. Recruits with more than this level of education might enter at a higher rank.

Can you leave base during Air Force Tech School?

As airmen advance every few weeks of Tech School and they receive more privileges. Even the first few weeks of Tech School, Airmen cannot leave the base nor receive visitors. Now, Airmen can go off base with visitors, but they must remain in uniform.

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How long is Air Force basic training?

Basic Military Training ( BMT ) is approximately 8.5 weeks in length and is held at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX.

How big is Goodfellow AFB?

Located on 1,235 acres near the west Texas city of San Angelo, Goodfellow boasts a population of about 5,500, half of whom are students.

What airlines fly into Wichita Falls Texas?

Envoy Air, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines and Qatar Airways all fly non-stop to Wichita Falls Sheppard AFB.