Readers ask: What Is Palace Chase Air Force?

What is the difference between Palace Chase and Palace Front?

Unlike the Palace Chase, the Palace Front is an option for separating airmen who are within 180 days of their separation date. Palace Front is when the active duty member serves all the way to the end of their active duty service commitment, and then wants to transition to the guard or reserve.

How does Palace Chase work?

The Palace Chase program is an early release program that allows active-duty Airmen to request to transfer to a reserve component, either the Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard. The remaining time left on their contract triples and is then served in a reserve component.

How long does Palace Chase process take?

The actual process for Palace Chase can take anywhere from two weeks at minimum to get the process started and it can take up to eight weeks to get an email response from AFPC with tentative approval or disapproval.

Can you palace chase after enlistment?

Typically, enlisted airmen switching to the Reserve as part of Palace Chase must serve two years for every year they have left on active duty, and officers must serve three years. But under the Air Force’s expanded program, eligible airmen will only have to serve one year for every year of service left. Lt.

Does Palace Chase affect GI Bill?

I plan on participating in the Palace Chase program and joining the Air Force Reserve after 3 years (fulfilling the Post 9/11 GI Bill’s 36 month requirement for 100% benefits). A: No, going into the Air Force Reserve will not impact you using your Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits at all.

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How do I start a chase Palace?

For Air Force applicants, you will have to submit your Palace Chase application through vMPF under “Self Service Actions” and then “Voluntary Separation.” Under this application, you have to provide a justification for your Palace Chase, some required documents and a request separation date.

What’s the difference between Guard and Reserve?

Reserve units are part of the federal armed forces, and as such they are under presidential command. Guard units are organized on the state level, and the governor can call them to service in response to civil riots or natural disasters.

What is Palace Acquire program?

PALACE Acquire (PAQ) is a three-year, full-time paid training program designed to enhance both professional advancement and personal growth. The program includes formal training, as well as performance-based promotions and yearly salary increases.

How do I get early separation from the Air Force?

For more information on applying for early separation, Airmen should visit the vMPF. They may also call the Air Force Contact Center at 800-616-3775.

Can you leave the Air Force early?

Air Force offering airmen a chance to leave service early in attempt to balance the force. In an attempt to deal with high retention rates due to COVID-19, the Air Force is implementing a voluntary retirement and separation policy, allowing airmen to leave the service early or move to the Air National Guard.

How long does it take AFPC to approve orders?

The entire process now takes two to three days and Airmen are getting their PCS orders about 120 days before their projected departure dates, which is 30 days faster than when the process was managed at base-level MPSs.

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Can you switch from active duty to guard Air Force?

The Palace Chase program is an early release program that allows active – duty Airmen to request to transfer to a reserve component, either the Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard. “Everyone can apply for Palace Chase,” Nichiporuk said.

How much does Air Force National Guard make?

The average employee at Air National Guard earns a yearly salary of $54,995 per year, but different jobs can earn drastically different salaries. The higher paying positions at Air National Guard include airman first class, program manager, master sergeant, and civil engineer.

Can you Palace Chase from overseas?

Officers must serve 2/3rd of their obligation. If the USAF member is Outside the Continental United States (OCONUS) they cannot apply until 6 months from their Date Eligible for Return From Overseas (DEROS). If your DEROS is the same as your Date of Separation (DOS), you can apply up to 1 year from that date.

What is an in service recruiter?

In- service recruiters are career counselors who meet with Airmen separating from active duty and offer opportunities within the Air force Reserves (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Jeff Parkinson)