Readers ask: What Do They Play At Sundown On An Air Force Base?

What song is played at sunset on military bases?

Reveille is played as a bugle call to signal the beginning of the duty day on base. Retreat is played to mark the end of the duty day and precedes the playing of the national anthem. Taps is played to mark the start of quiet hours on base, which is 9 p.m.

What do they play at 5pm on military bases?

The end of the duty day is announced with “Retreat” at 5:30 p.m. daily at all JBSA locations. During this time, you will hear retreat, followed by the national anthem, or at JBSA-Fort Sam Houston, retreat followed by “To the Colors.” During these times, all of us are required to afford the appropriate courtesies.

Why do military bases play taps at night?

Taps: 9 P.M. ‐ Taps is a signal of the end of the day, and is played alone to honor service members who paid the ultimate price. For these purposes, there are no formal protocol procedures required.

What do you do when retreat is played?

What do I do when reveille or retreat is played? At the first notes of “Reveille” or ” Retreat,” stop where you are and turn to face the flag. If the flag is not visible, turn in the general direction of the flag or towards the direction of the music.

Do you salute an officer off base?

It’s an everyday courtesy based on mutual respect. It’s one of the traditions that bind military personnel together. Salutes are required when you ‘re in uniform. They ‘re exchanged on- and off -duty and on- and off – base.

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What bugle call is played when lowering the flag?

The bugle call “retreat” is sounded just before the actual lowering of the flag. At the last note of this call, a cannon is fired. Then, if a band is present, the national anthem will be rendered.

Can taps be played at a civilian funeral?

Are civilians allowed to play Taps at military funerals? Yes. In fact, the Department of Defense says a live bugler (military or civilian ) should be sought before the use of a recording is authorized.

Do you salute an officer in civilian clothes?

You don’t have to salute indoors, except when you report to a superior officer. If either person is wearing civilian clothes and you do not recognize the other person as a superior officer, salutes are unnecessary.

Do you stand for taps?

Taps began as a signal for lights or lights out at the end of the day. For these purposes, there are no formal protocol procedures required. However, the playing of Taps continues to be a part of a military funeral/memorial honors ceremony. You render a salute when Taps is played so you are standing at attention.

Why do they call it taps?

Taps is the name of the final call of the evening in the United States military. The call is sounded at an interval after Tattoo. One explanation is that Taps is derived from the Dutch word Tap -toe or Tattoo. The call of Tattoo was used in order to assemble soldiers for the last roll call of the day.

Is taps played at all military funerals?

Taps has been used by the U.S. armed forces ever since — at the end of the day, during flag ceremonies and at military funerals. Whenever a service member is buried with military honors anywhere in the United States, the ceremony concludes with the three-rifle volley and the sounding of Taps on a trumpet or bugle.

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Do veterans salute during taps?

When taps is played during military funerals, military members will render a salute from the beginning until the conclusion of the song. Civilians should place their right hand over their heart during this time.

Does Air Force salute in PT gear?

All Air Force members will now salute while in PT uniform during the playing of “To the Colors” for Reveille and during the playing of the National Anthem for Retreat.

What is the proper way to raise and lower a US flag?

Hoisting and Lowering the Flag:

  1. The flag should be hoisted briskly and lowered ceremoniously.
  2. When flown at half-staff, the flag should be first hoisted to the peak for an instant and then lowered to half-staff position. It should again be raised to the peak before it is lowered for the day.

What time is the flag raised on military bases?

The Soldiers arrive at 6 a.m. to perform flag duties at the sound of Reveille which sounds at 6:30 a.m., signifying the beginning of the duty day. They return again at 4:30 p.m. to return the flag to its case when Retreat is played at 5 p.m., the signal for the end of the duty day.