Quick Answer: What Is The Closest Airport To Lackland Air Force Base?

How far is Lackland AFB from San Antonio Airport?

The distance between Lackland Air Force Base and San Antonio Airport ( SAT ) is 13 miles.

How far is Lackland AFB from Dallas?

The distance between Dallas and Lackland Air Force Base is 259 miles.

How do you get to Lackland Air Force Base?

Lackland Air Force Base is located on the west side of San Antonio. Take Exit 4 from I-410W and enter through Airman’s Gate. The gate is opened 24 hours a day. If you aren’t driving your own car, renting a car is the easiest thing to do.

What airport is close to San Antonio Texas?

Serving as the main airport of the San Antonio reigion, San Antonio International Airport ( SAT ) is located less than ten miles from downtown San Antonio and it will take you less than 25 minutes to drive to town using ground transportation.

Can uber get on Lackland AFB?

At Fort Sam Houston, Lackland AFB, and Medina Base, we’ve enabled a new feature that allows riders to pick their entry gate when requesting a ride. When you accept the request, you will be directed to the entry gate that the rider has selected to avoid having to go on base.

What town is Lackland AFB in?

Lackland Air Force Base (IATA: SKF, ICAO: KSKF, FAA LID: SKF) is a United States Air Force base located in Bexar County, Texas. The base is under the jurisdiction of the 802d Mission Support Group, Air Education and Training Command (AETC) and an enclave of the city of San Antonio.

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What planes are stationed at Lackland AFB?

Lackland AFB air facilities It can accommodate the C-5 Galaxy, F-16 Fighting Falcon, B-52 Stratofortress, F-4 Phantom II, SR-71 Blackbird, C-121 Constellation, B-17 Flying Fortress and B-25 Mitchell.

What city is Randolph Air Force Base in?

Nestled in the northeast corner of San Antonio lies Joint Base San Antonio -Randolph or the “Showplace of the Air Force.” The breathtaking Spanish colonial architecture on display could be one reason for the flashy nickname, or it could also be the almost constant displays of air superiority occurring overhead.

How many US Air Force bases are there?

The number of active duty Air Force Bases within the United States rose from 115 in 1947 to peak at 162 in 1956 before declining to 69 in 2003 and 59 in 2020.

How long is basic training for the Air Force?

Basic Military Training ( BMT ) is approximately 8.5 weeks in length and is held at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX.

What does the Air Force do in basic training?

Recruits are trained in the fundamental skills necessary to be successful in the operational Air Force. This includes basic war skills, military discipline, physical fitness, drill and ceremonies, Air Force core values, and a comprehensive range of subjects relating to Air Force life.

What can I bring to Air Force basic training?

Important Paper Work

  • College transcripts, Civil Air Patrol Certificates, and any JROTC Certificates.
  • Driver’s license / ID.
  • Immigration card and/or naturalization certificates.
  • Marriage license and any birth certificates for your dependents.
  • Social Security Card.
  • Enlistment Contract.
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Is it cheaper to fly into Austin or San Antonio?

Austin -Bergstrom International Airport ranks as the 16th least expensive airport, with an average airfare of $293. You have to scroll way down the list to get to San Antonio International Airport at No. 71. The average airfare for flights involving the Alamo City airport was $434.

How far is Austin from San Antonio in time?

The driving time from Austin to San Antonio is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes without intermediate stops and traffic jams. Road has length 80 miles and goes through Kyle, San Marcos, New Braunfels, Selma and Live Oak.

What airlines fly direct to San Antonio?

Direct from United States

Southwest Airlines flights Delta flights Alaska Airlines flights
American Airlines flights United flights Frontier Airlines flights