Quick Answer: Air Force Humor What My Epr Says I Did?

What does AC and LC mean on EPR?

Report Save. level 1. Smellsgoodinhere. 5 years ago. First letter “L” means you are all the way to the right Second letter “C” denotes the new FD EPR system (A was the old APR system, “B” was the 1-5 EPR system).

What does NR mean on EPR?

It means “Not Rated”.

What does AC mean on an EPR?

And if anyone is wondering why ‘C’: A= APR system B= EPR system starting in the 1980s C= New EES.

How many points is an EPR worth?

In WAPS, past EPRs are worth up to 135 points.

How do I access my Air Force EPR?

EPRs are filed in the Automated Records Management System 60 days after the closeout date. EPRs can be viewed in PRDA at https://www.my. af.mil/faf/FAF/fafHome.jsp. For additional information or to check the status of a report, Airmen should first contact their servicing military personnel section.

What is a referral EPR in the Air Force?

When an Airman is involved in an incident that attracts the attention of the Commander, he or she may order, through the chain of command, that the Airman be given a referral EPR. It’s an uncomfortable and unfamiliar spot for a supervisor to be in.

How many points does a Must Promote give you?

The next 15 percent of senior airmen, and 10 percent of staff and tech sergeants, can receive a “must promote” rating, which yields 220 points. The next three ratings — “promote,” “not ready now,” and “do not promote” — will get an airman 200, 150 and 50 points respectively, but there will be no limits on those.

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What does PR mean on EPR?

ePR stands for electronic PR ( public relations ) and is also known as online public relations or digital PR.

How many points are Air Force decorations worth?

For awards and decorations, a maximum of 25 points is allowed.

How are Air Force Boards calculated?

Members then assign numerical ratings in eBOSS to records using the scoring scale that ranges from 6 to 10 points, with 7.5 representing an average record. Records earn a panel composite score, the sum of three board member scores, for a minimum score of 18 and a maximum score of 30.

What is an Air Force Loe?

Letter of Evaluation ( LOE ) The LOE ( AF Form 77, Letter of Evaluation ) cover periods of your performance too short to require an OPR, or periods of time (less than 120 days) when you’re under the supervision of some- one other than your designated rater.