Question: Why Does The Air Force Need New Trainer Aircraft?

What is the purpose of trainer aircraft?

Trainer, in military aviation, an airplane that is designed and used to train pilots to operate advanced aircraft effectively. The complicated modern military airplane requires a high degree of skill on the part of pilots.

Can trainer aircraft be used in war?

Combat use of trainers Most advanced trainers are capable of carrying and delivering war loads. However, most of these aircraft do not have the counter measures and sensors required to survive alone in a modern high intensity war fighting scenario, for example being vulnerable to MANPADS.

What is replacing the T 38?

The T – 38 is to be replaced as the USAF advanced jet trainer by the T-X program winner, the Boeing T-X, now known as the T -7 Red Hawk.

What is the oldest aircraft the Air Force still uses?

Anyway, as long as there is at least one flyable MiG-17 in some air force somewhere in the world, it will remain the oldest model of fighter jet in service.

How can I be a pilot?

Following are the steps you need to take in order to become a commercial pilot:

  1. Enroll in a Flying School and Pursue B.Sc. in Aviation. This admission procedure generally consists of the following:
  2. Obtain a Student Pilot License. To obtain a student pilot license, you would have to appear for an entrance examination.

How many fighter planes does Indian Air Force have?

Air Force

Aircraft Origin In service
Combat Aircraft (Total = 640)
Sukhoi Su- 30 Russia 272
MiG- 29 Russia 65
HAL Tejas India 19
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What is the smallest fighter jet?

The HAL Tejas has an empty weight of 6,500 kg (14,300 lbs), and is the lightest fighter among current production light fighters.

Is the T-38 supersonic?

The T – 38 is a tandem seat twin-engine supersonic jet. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration uses T -38A aircraft as trainers for astronauts and as observers and chase planes on programs such as the space shuttle.

Which fighter aircraft is built in India?

HAL Tejas

Tejas in flight
Role Multirole light fighter
National origin India
Manufacturer Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

Why does NASA use t38?

Astronaut Terry Virts describes the T-38 as a, “great aircraft” for NASA, because of its speed, performance and simplicity. The T-38 was first fielded by the U.S. Air Force in 1961 as an advanced jet trainer. The aircraft is sometimes called the “white rocket” for the length and color of its narrow fuselage.

What is the T-38 used for?

The T – 38 is used primarily by Air Education and Training Command for undergraduate pilot and pilot instructor training. More than 60,000 USAF pilots have trained in the T – 38 since it entered service in 1961. The T – 38 was the world’s first supersonic jet trainer.

Is Air Force an aircraft?

The following is a list of military aircraft currently used by United States Air Force. For a list of current aircraft in all branches of the United States Military, see here. Current inventory.

Aircraft Combat Aircraft F-15 Eagle
Type air superiority
Variant F-15C
In service 266
Notes 26 D variants are used for training
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What is the longest serving military aircraft?

5 Longest Serving Military Aircraft in the U.S. Air Force

  • Boeing B-52 Stratofortress.
  • Lockheed C-130 Hercules.
  • Boeing KC-135 Straotanker.
  • Northrop T-38 Talon.
  • Lockheed U-2 Dragon Lady.

What is the oldest tank still in service?

Constructed in the autumn of 1915 at the behest of the Landship Committee, it was the first completed tank prototype in history. Little Willie is the oldest surviving individual tank, and is preserved as one of the most famous pieces in the collection of The Tank Museum, Bovington, England.

Is the C 5 still in service?

The C5M strategic transport aircraft is a modernized version of the C5 Galaxy. Lockheed Martin manufactured the aircraft to extend the capability of the C – 5 fleet to remain in service at least until 2040. The US Air Force operates the Lockheed C – 5 since 1969.