Question: What Is Arr Kc-135 Air Force?

What does KC mean in aircraft?

The aircraft’s KC identifier stands for (K) tanker (C) transport. The aircraft is powered by four turbofan engines mounted on 35-degree swept wings, has a flight speed of more than 500 mph and a flight range of nearly 1,500 miles when loaded with 150,000 lbs. of fuel.

What kind of plane is a KC-135?

The Boeing KC – 135 Stratotanker is a military aerial refueling aircraft that was developed from the Boeing 367-80 prototype, alongside the Boeing 707 airliner. It is the predominant variant of the C- 135 Stratolifter family of transport aircraft.

How many KC-135 are there in the Air Force?

The US Air Force has about 550 KC – 135 Stratotankers in service. The USAF selected Rockwell Collins to carry out the modernisation of the avionics system under the KC – 135 Pacer CRAG (compass, radar and global positioning system) programme.

Can a KC-135 refuel itself?

McConnell ground crews prepare a KC – 135 for a nighttime sortie. The jet is specially modified in a number of ways. These enhancements include a refueling receptacle above the cockpit so that the KC -135RTs themselves can be refueled by other tankers—a feature standard Stratotankers do not have.

What does KC stand for?

Acronym Definition
KC Kennel Club
KC Knights of Columbus
KC Kansas City Chiefs (NFL football)
KC Casey (Harry Wayne Casey of KC and the Sunshine Band)

How much fuel can a KC-135?

The KC-135 can haul either 83,000 pounds of cargo, airlift up to 80 passengers or carry 202,800 pounds of JP-4 jet fuel, most of which is transferable for global refueling missions. The primary mission of the KC-135 is the refueling of strategic long-range bombers.

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What is replacing the KC-135?

The Air Force is moving forward with its “bridge tanker” project—the air-refueling aircraft acquisition formerly known as “ KC -Y”—in a “full and open competition” to replace the KC – 135 Stratotanker fleet. It is a stepping stone to a more futuristic tanker, Air Mobility Command boss Gen.

How long can a KC 10 fly?

The KC -10A tanker can deliver 200,000 pounds (90,719 kg) of fuel to a receiver 2200 statute miles (3539.8 km) from the home base and return, or it can carry a maximum cargo payload of 169,409 pounds (76,843 kg) a distance of 4370 statute miles (7031 km).

How long is the boom on a KC-135?

It can also be adapted with a drogue to refuel aircraft using the hose and drogue method. The boom is 28 feet long when retracted and 48 feet long when extended. It can transfer 600 gallons of fuel per minute.

Can a KC-135 refuel a helicopter?

All boom-equipped tankers (e.g. KC – 135 Stratotanker, KC -10 Extender, KC -46 Pegasus) have a single boom, and can refuel one aircraft at a time with this mechanism.

Who is known as the father of the Air Force?

General William “Billy” Mitchell is known as the “Father of the Air Force.” He was a turn-of-the-20th-century pilot who advocated for a separate, independent Air Force. He argued that airpower would be a revolution in modern warfare, but was dismissed as a radical by his peers.

How much is a KC 135?

Primary Function: Aerial refueling
Crew: Four or five; up to 80 passengers.
Date Deployed: August 1965.
Unit Cost: KC-135R, $53 million; KC-135E, $30.6 million; KC-135A, $26.1 million.
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How much fuel can a KC 46 hold?

KC – 46 has a maximum fuel capacity of 212,000lb. The aircraft is fitted with a flush-mounted air-to-air refuelling receptacle capable of accepting fuel at 1,200gal/min. “The contract for KC – 46A tankers was awarded to Boeing in February 2011.”

How many KC 10 are there in the Air Force?

The KC – 10 was the second McDonnell Douglas transport aircraft to be selected by the Air Force following the C-9. A total of 60 KC -10s were produced for the USAF.