Question: How To Set Air Force Blues Uniform Mens?

How do you put ribbon on Air Force dress blues?

All ribbons and devices must be worn. Center ribbons resting on (but not over) edge of welt pocket between the left and right edges. Officers will center regular size rank insignia ⅝ inch from end of the epaulet. The total number of badges worn will not exceed four.

Which way does the Air Force blues belt go?

For males, a dark blue belt with silver tip and buckle must be worn. The silver tip end of the belt must extend beyond the buckle facing the wearer’s left, with no blue fabric showing.

What is the new Air Force uniform?

On April 1, 2021, the Operational Camouflage Pattern uniform will be the standard issue uniform of the U.S. Air Force. With the new uniform, the color of rank insignias will be spice-brown, apart from first lieutenants and lieutenant colonels, who will wear black-threaded insignia.

Can you wear clear glasses in the air force?

Conservative wrap-around sunglasses may be worn. Conservative, clear, slightly tinted or photosensitive lenses are authorized. Faddish styles and mirrored lenses are prohibited. Sunglasses (to include darkened photosensitive lenses ) are not authorized in formation.

Can you wash Air Force blues?

Seriously, if you just wash them on delicate & dry with low air, you ‘re fine They will be wrinkled beyond all hell, so ironing will suck. I’d recommend putting a cloth or old t-shirt over your pants as you iron them.

What size stripes go on Air Force blues?

Enlisted may wear either 3 ½ inch or 4 inch chevron rank centered on the outer arm halfway between the shoulder seam and elbow when bent at a 90- degree angle (long sleeved-shirt) or bottom edge of the sleeve (short sleeved-shirt). SNCOs will wear sleeve chevrons only (shoulder mark insignia is not authorized).

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What does the Air Force uniform look like?

The current U.S. Air Force Service Dress Uniform, which was initially adopted in 1994 and made mandatory on 1 October 1999, consists of a three-button coat with silver-colored buttons featuring a design known as “Hap Arnold wings”, matching trousers, and either a service cap or flight cap, all in Shade 1620, also known

Can I wear my Air Force fleece with civilian clothes?

“f. No part of a prescribed uniform, except those items not exclusively military in character, may be worn with civilian clothing. Uniform items that have been declared obsolete may be worn with civilian clothing, provided such items contain no distinctive insignia or buttons.”

Can you wear a tie with short sleeve blues?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing the short sleeve. Obviously, you have to wear a tie with it. Tie with short sleeve is also an authorized combination for blues.

What is the gig line?

For those non-military types who might not be familiar, the term “ gig line ” refers to the line that extends from the military uniform shirt, to the edge of the belt buckle to the flap of the pant zipper. Military uniform standards call for a perfectly aligned line along these clothing items.

How do you wear a Jrotc uniform?


  1. Center the Honor Unit Star one-quarter of an inch above the top seam of the right pocket.
  2. Ribbons should be centered on the pocket button one-eighth of an inch above the top seam of the left pocket.
  3. Arches should be placed below the name tag and centered on the pocket.