Often asked: What Town Is Keesler Air Force Base?

How far is Keesler AFB from the beach?

13. Biloxi Beach. Keesler AFB is just minutes from 26 miles of man-made sand beaches along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

What is the Air Force Base in Biloxi Mississippi?

Keesler AFB is located in Biloxi, Mississippi on the Gulf Coast.

Where should I live near Keesler AFB?

Biloxi, MS Biloxi sits right on the Mississippi Sound and is located about 3 miles from the Keesler Air Force Base. The close proximity to the base makes the city a popular destination for military families and civilians working at the base who want a shorter commute.

What tech school is at Keesler AFB?

Overview. Keesler Air Force Base is the home of the 81st Training Wing — the electronics, computer, and weather training center of the United States Air Force.

What is Tech School Air Force?

Tech school is where airmen receive specific training for their specialty in the Air Force. With more than 130 career fields for airmen, there are plenty of choices in a number of different areas. The location of your tech school and the length you attend depend on your job in the Air Force.

How many Air Force bases are in Mississippi?

There are four military bases in the state of Mississippi. The Army, Marines and Coast Guard have no bases in MS. Keesler AFB is the largest base in Mississippi with more than double the population of the second largest base.

How far is Biloxi from New Orleans?

It is 78 miles from New Orleans to Biloxi. It is approximately 90.4 miles to drive.

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Where is Air Force basic training?

Basic Military Training (BMT) is conducted at Joint Base San Antonio -Lackland in San Antonio, Texas, known as the Gateway to the Air Force. All Air Force BMT is conducted here.

How large is Lackland Air Force Base?

The base encompasses 4.23 square miles of land, with a population of around ten thousand as of the 2010 census. Lackland AFB was originally built during World War II and is now home to Air Force Basic Training and operated by Air Education and Training Command.

What Gates are open at Keesler Air Force Base?

The Main White Avenue and Pass Road Gates have 24-hour access to Keesler AFB. The Meadows Gate is open 0530-1800 M-F.