Often asked: How To Fold Air Force Pt Shorts?

How do you fold a military uniform?

Starting with your slacks, turn them inside out, then fold them vertically, one leg over the other. Make sure the crotch area is tucked in, making one solid leg line. Then fold the waist and cuffs to the center of the pant leg and fold in half, once.

Why does Rolling clothes save space?

Rolling has been said to be the method of packing that will help people save space. Why? Because it compresses the clothing while also making it easier to stack and pack into a tiny section of your bag or suitcase.

How do you neatly fold shorts?

How to fold shorts

  1. Button the waistband.
  2. Fold them in half, front side out.
  3. If your shorts are short, fold them in half, lengthwise.
  4. If your shorts are longer, fold them in thirds, lengthwise.