Often asked: Air Force How To Calculate Travel Days?

What is considered local travel?

5. Definition of local travel. Local travel is defined as that travel performed within and adjacent to the official station of an associate, when the travel is necessary to conduct official business for GSA. Local travel is travel within 50 miles of the traveler’s official duty station.

How many days do you get for a PCS move?

According to the Defense Travel website’s FAQs, “A traveler who is authorized PCS travel by POV is allowed one day of travel for the first 400 miles between authorized points. For any distance greater than 400 miles, the traveler is allowed another day of travel for every additional 350 miles.

How much does the military pay per mile for travel?

Mileage Rates

Effective Date MALT Rate / POC
01 JAN 19 $0.20 / Mile
01 JAN 18 $0.18 / Mile
01 JAN 17 $0.17 / Mile
01 JAN 16 $0.19 / Mile

What is POC travel?

f: POC (Privately Owned Conveyance) Miles is used to list any Privately Owned Vehicle mileage incurred.

Do you get per diem for local travel?

A per diem is money that you get to spend on food and other incidentals (including tips and phone calls). If you are away on travel for more than 12 hours and more than 50 miles from home, then you are eligible for 3/4 per diem. If you are away less than 12 hours, you do not get per diem.

Is per diem allowed for local travel?

Per diem will not be allowed for employees at either their official duty station or within the vicinity surrounding it, i.e., defined local travel area; or from their places of abode from which they normally commute daily to their official duty stations. No per diem allowed.

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How much money will I get for my PCS move?

When traveling by Privately Owned Conveyance (POC), military members are paid a flat rate of $142.00 per day for each day of authorized travel used.

Does the military pay you to move?

The Department of Defense provides travel and relocation allowances to assist you with moving expenses. Per diem reimburses you for meals and lodging while en route to your new duty station and is based on a 350-mile per day travel distance.

How far can you drive in a day Air Force?

One travel day is allowed for each 350 miles using the most direct route. If the additional distance is over 50 miles after dividing the total mileage by 350, one additional travel day is allowed. When the total official distance is 400 or fewer miles, 1 day of travel time is allowed.

What is the current mileage rate for 2020?

More In Tax Pros

Period Rates in cents per mile
Business Charity
2020 57.5 14
2019 58 14
2018 TCJA 54.5 14

Do you get travel pay when you ETS?

Travel is paid to the transition point, the location where the out-processing takes place, prior to the ETS /Separation or Retirement date. All other entitlements cannot be paid until after the actual date of the ETS /Separation or Retirement.

What is POV mileage rate?

$1.26. If use of privately owned automobile is authorized or if no Government-furnished automobile is available. January 1, 2021. $0.56. If Government-furnished automobile is available.

Is any of your travel going to be by POC?

Military members who travel on official duty ( either temporary duty travel or permanent change of station), can request mileage reimbursement for their travel by “personally owned conveyance” ( POC ), instead of a government purchased an airline ticket.

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How many travel days do I get for TDY?

A traveler who is authorized TDY travel by POV is allowed one day of travel for every 400 miles between authorized points. See the JTR, par. 020302-A. If the POV use is for the traveler’s convenience, the traveler is authorized only 1 travel day for each leg.

Is mileage calculated as a round trip?

Round trip. And it should be a contemporaneous written record. That means, you recorded the actual beginning and ending mileage for every trip you made for MS, at the time that you made it.