FAQ: Why Does The Air Force Have Two Colors Of Dress Uniforms?

What are the Air Force uniform colors?

The word color for the name, U.S. Air Force, and rank is midnight blue; name tapes and rank insignia background are tan and are sewn on using a matching tan color thread. The ABU adopts the battle dress uniform hat style for primary use and the floppy hat design is used in some deployed areas.

What does Air Force dress uniform look like?

The current U.S. Air Force Service Dress Uniform, which was initially adopted in 1994 and made mandatory on 1 October 1999, consists of a three-button coat with silver-colored buttons featuring a design known as “Hap Arnold wings”, matching trousers, and either a service cap or flight cap, all in Shade 1620, also known

How many uniforms Does the Air Force have?

What uniform does the Air Force wear and what are the colors? The Air Force has three uniforms: utility, dress and training. For the utility uniforms, the Air Force is currently in a transition from the Airman Battle Uniform to Operational Camouflage Pattern.

What are the different military dress uniforms?


  • ACU ( Army Combat Uniform )
  • Army Dress Blues.
  • Army Greens Uniform.
  • NWU ( Navy Working Uniform )
  • SU ( Navy Service Uniform)
  • Navy Dress Blues.
  • ABU (Airman Battle Uniform)
  • Air Force Dress Blues.

What do different color belts mean in the Air Force?

The color of the belt depends on how fast that you run in PT: Blue belt /Group A: Run 1.5 miles in less than 11:39. Green belt /Group B: Run 1.5 miles in 11:39-12:53. Yellow belt /Group C: Run 1.5 miles in 12:54-14:25. Red belt /Group D: Run 1.5 miles in 14:26-17:35.

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Is the Air Force changing their uniforms?

The Air Force began changing over to the Army’s uniform pattern in 2018, replacing its gray, blue and green tiger stripe uniforms. On April 1, 2021, the Operational Camouflage Pattern uniform will be the standard issue uniform of the U.S. Air Force.

Can you wear clear glasses in the air force?

Conservative wrap-around sunglasses may be worn. Conservative, clear, slightly tinted or photosensitive lenses are authorized. Faddish styles and mirrored lenses are prohibited. Sunglasses (to include darkened photosensitive lenses ) are not authorized in formation.

When can you not wear your Air Force uniform?

1.2. 8. Airmen discharged for bad conduct, undesirability, unsuitability, inaptitude, or other than honorably will not wear the Air Force uniform upon discharge.

Which branch has the best uniforms?

The United States Marine Corps hands down. The USMC has the best looking Dress blue uniform, service uniform, and the evening dress uniforms don’t look bad either. Woodland, and desert, MARPAT are among the best combat uniforms currently worn by American service members.

Is space force a uniform?

But the Space Force still lacks an official dress uniform, physical fitness uniform and mess dress uniform; an official song; patch and insignia wear — not to mention a rank structure. Most of those decisions are being worked on, said the service’s top enlisted adviser, Chief Master Sgt. Roger Towberman.

Is the Air Force getting new blues?

The Air Force is working on a new dress blues uniform — and it’s going old school. “We’d like to get back to a little more heritage on the jacket,” Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Kaleth Wright said. “It has kind of begun to mirror more of a business suit, more than a military service uniform.”

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Which military branch is the coolest?

The US Marine Corps Is The Best Military Branch, According To Glassdoor. He loves this. via U.S. Marine Corps The Marine Corps is the top-rated military service branch, according to reviews on the career website Glassdoor.

Which military branch is most attractive?

For the US, Air Force has the most (most as in numbers) attractive females. Each branch has their own style of woman, but the AF just has the most. I was at a joint base and saw all except Marines.

Which military branch has the best gear?

To give you a comparison in size, the Marines have around 180,000, the Navy has around 325,000, the Air Force has around 323,000, and the Coast Guard has around 42,000. The Army is well funded and they supplier their people with the best gear possible. The Army is the oldest military branch and has a proud history.