FAQ: Why Are Air Force Bombers In China Lake?

What really happened at China Lake?

The epicenter of the quakes was the Naval Weapons Air Station at China Lake, which does research into military weapons in the Mojave Desert. The shaking started on Independence Day with a 6.4 earthquake, followed by a much larger 7.1 earthquake the next day.

Why is China Lake called China Lake?

China Lake is a dry lake. Its name comes from Chinese prospectors harvesting borax from the lake bed, approximately 1.5 miles (2.4 km) south of Paxton Ranch.

Who made the China Lake?

China Lake grenade launcher

China Lake pump-action grenade launcher
Designer Alfred F. Kermode
Designed 1967
Manufacturer Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS) China Lake Facility.
Produced 1968 Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS), 2007-2009 Airtronic/Trident, 2003-2009 CSG/Trident.

How much damage did the Ridgecrest earthquake cause?

Damage estimates for the Ridgecrest earthquakes top $1 billion according to U.S. Geological Survey. The earthquakes jolted the Kern County community of Ridgecrest, where most of the temblors were centered, and the city of Trona in San Bernardino County. Big stretches of Highway 178 were left visibly cracked.

How far is China Lake from Los Angeles?

China Lake is located 150 miles northeast of Los Angeles on the western edge of California’s Mojave Desert.

How far is China Lake from Las Vegas?

It is located in the high desert region near the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Indian Wells Valley in a fairly remote area. China Lake is 160 miles west of the border with Nevada, and 238 miles west of Las Vegas. The city of Los Angeles is 156 miles, or about 2.5 hours, south of base.

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Is Ridgecrest CA Safe?

Ridgecrest is a quaint town. It has a vibrant, growing community that has yet to really take advantage of the potential activities in the area. It is a low crime, quiet area with a friendly population.

Is it legal to own a grenade launcher in the US?

Grenade Launcher A grenade launcher is a weapon you might expect to see in open warfare, but owning one is actually permitted in the U.S. under federal law – albeit with restrictions.

When was Ridgecrest founded?

Ridgecrest, incorporated in 1963, is located in the northeast corner of Kern County in the Northern Mojave Desert. Prior to the establishment of the Naval Ordnance Test Station (NOTS) at Inyokern in 1941, Ridgecrest, then “Crumville,” consisted of a few scattered farms and homesteads.