FAQ: What Is Aef In The Air Force?

What does AEF indicator mean?

The AEF Indicator is a letter and number combination assigned to military members aligning them with an AEF cycle, which is used to identify when Airmen deploy. Per Air Force Instruction 10-403, Deployment Planning and Execution, unit commanders are to ensure Airmen have contacted their UDM before they take leave.

How many AEF tempo bands are there?

Airmen are assigned to one of five tempo bands based on their career fields. Each band is then broken into blocks that represent deployment and dwelling (or preparation) periods.

What makes an Air Force non deployable?

Most of those 4.6 percent of airmen are in what the Air Force calls temporary deployment-limiting conditions, Kelly said. Those conditions include female airmen who are pregnant or have recently given birth, he said, or airmen of either gender who have a temporary medical condition that is being resolved.

What is AEF tempo band?

Tempo Band A reflects the original AEF cycle of a 1:4 dwell ration based on 120-day deployments. Bands B through E are based on 179-day deployments. Tempo band B is a 1:4 dwell ratio — or six months deployed 24 months home.

What is AEF indicator XL?

Samples in periodicals archive: AEF indicator XL is assigned to any of the following categories: Student, Transient, Patient, Prisoner If you are in any of those duty statuses you will be assigned

What is the rotation of Air Force?

We are forced to extend the rotation to 135 days, or in some cases, to 179 days, for this small number of individuals. The number of people affected appears to be less than 10 percent of our deployed forces. This is an extraordinary time for the Air Force and our country.

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What are enabler forces?

Enabler forces. Which major element of the AEF structure includes common user assets, such as global mobility forces, SpecOps forces, personnel recovery forces, space forces and other uniquely categorized forces that provide support to authorized organizations within and outside the DoD? 24-month.

How long is deployment in the Air Force?

The fact is that most Air Force deployments last 179 days (+ or – 10 days). The typical TDY will last less than 90 days. Some deployments are shorter and last 60-90 days, but maybe rotated 2-3 times in a 12-18 month period reducing the deploy to dwell ratio back to 2:1 or 3:1.

What is AEF posturing?

Posturing. Posturing is the act of converting the unit manpower document into UTCs and aligning them to a specific AEF.

What are the safest jobs in the Air Force?

Safest Jobs in the Air Force

  • Cyber Systems Operator. These airmen are tasked with the especially critical role of cybersecurity for the Air Force.
  • Public Affairs Officer.
  • Biomedical Equipment.
  • Financial Management Technician.
  • Paralegal Specialist.
  • Dental Specialist.

Does the Air Force get deployed a lot?

Every 20 months, your Airman may go on deployment. Your child should plan to be deployed out of country at least once in their Air Force career. The length of an Air Force deployment ranges from four to 12 months depending on an Airman’s specific job, location and mission requirements.

Is the Air Force dangerous?

Is it dangerous to serve in the Air Force? When compared to other branches of the military (specifically the Marine Corps and Army), the Air Force is considered one of the safer branches to serve in.

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What is a unit type code Air Force?

A unit type code (UTC) is the basic building block used in joint force planning and deployments of AEFs. Define UTC posturing. Posturing is the process of identifying and making available a unit’s trained and ready capable UTCs.

How do I find my AEF indicator?

Upon login to vMPF, Airmen can view the initial page that shows a box containing their AEF deployment status. This includes their AEF indicator, rotation period and the date their commander assigned them to a specific AEF.

What is an Air Expeditionary Wing?

Air Expeditionary Wings /Groups ( AEW /AEGs) are a Wing /Group concept used by the United States Air Force. These units are activated under temporary orders by the owning Major Command (MAJCOM) for a specific purpose or mission. Once that mission is completed, these units are inactivated.