FAQ: How To Do A Dity Move Air Force?

How much does the Air Force pay for a DITY move?

The reimbursement rate is at 95%, based on your weight and your service member’s rank. They want this to cover all your costs, but things like packing materials won’t be included.

How do I set up a DITY move?

8 Steps to a Smooth Personally Procured Move

  1. Apply for the PPM move by scheduling an appointment with your base Personal Property Transportation Office (PTO).
  2. Decide on your type of move.
  3. Arrange for any rental equipment or moving services you need.
  4. Confirm your insurance coverage.
  5. Pick up your operating allowance from your local dispersing office.

What is a DITY move in the Air Force?

The Personally Procured Move Program (formerly Do-it-Yourself [ DITY ] Move ) is designed to provide the military member an alternative to move their household goods on their own. Members may move their personal property themselves, using rental equipment, their own vehicle, or by hiring their own commercial carrier.

Is a DITY move worth it?

If you’re willing to pack your own things, DITY can be great. It’s also preferable if you’re on a tight schedule and commercial carriers can’t accommodate your needs. “PPMs during peak season are actually a wise move,” Piacine says, because “the member can completely control the process.

How many DITY moves can you do?

If you move yourself there is no limit to the amount of pounds you are allowed to move. Only the amount they will pay. For example, I have a friend that has over 30,000lbs. She always does a DITY move not to make money, but to not owe the government.

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How do you get reimbursed for a DITY move?

DIY moves will only be reimbursed if your PPM move was officially authorized by the Personal Property Transportation Office. To receive authorization, you need to fill out all of the necessary forms, including the form DD 2278 which is the Application for DITY Move & Counseling Checklist.

How much will the military pay me to move myself?

In the PPM Program, you receive a government payment of 95 percent of what it would cost the government to move you. In addition, you receive the standard travel allowances for you and your family. If you end up spending less than the 95 percent payment the government provides, you get to keep the rest.

What is a full DITY move?

When you take care of the whole move yourself, it is called a full military DITY move. When you handle some of the move yourself and have a full service mover hired by the government handle the rest, it is called a partial military DITY move.

Are DITY moves taxable?

Is a DITY move taxable? Any money you make off a DITY move is considered taxable income. The military automatically withholds 25% for taxes, and they send you a W-2 for the amount at tax time.

What is a DD Form 2278?

DD Form 2278, Application for Do It Yourself Move and Counseling Checklist, September 1998. Page 1. APPLICATION FOR DO IT YOURSELF MOVE. AND COUNSELING CHECKLIST. (Read Privacy Act Statement on back before completing form.)

How does moving in the military work?

In the military, a PCS move stands for Permanent Change of Station. This is when a military member has orders to move from one duty station to another. The military will pay them to relocate their family and their belongings to the new station.

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Does military pay for moving expenses?

The Department of Defense provides travel and relocation allowances to assist you with moving expenses. Per diem reimburses you for meals and lodging while en route to your new duty station and is based on a 350-mile per day travel distance.

How long does it take to get paid for a DITY move?

The servicemember can get the appropriate forms from his or her original Finance Office before the PCS move takes place and can also get help filling out the necessary paperwork. It typically takes about thirty days from the time the paperwork is submitted to receive reimbursement.

How much do ppm movers make?

If you opt for a PPM, the government will pay you 95 percent of what it would cost for a GPM, in addition to the standard travel allowances for your family. If you spend less than the amount you received, you are not obligated to return what you did not spend.

How long does it take for the military to move your stuff?

They do this with a computer and it usually takes less than 30 minutes. That visit determines if they need two days to pack, or two days to load, or whatever. Then, on your packing date, they will come to your house and pack your goods for you.