FAQ: How To Complete Navy Ppme If You Are Air Force?

What is JPME Navy?

What is JPME? Joint Professional Military Education ( JPME ) is a collection of joint learning objectives that comprise the educational requirement for an officer to earn a Joint Qualified Officer (JQO) designation.

What is JPME phase1?

Naval Command and Staff Program & JPME Phase I. The Naval Command and Staff (NC&S) online program educates students on the fundamentals of U.S. national security policy, military strategy, and the relationship between them.

What is considered professional military education?

Professional Military Education ( PME ) | Defense Security Cooperation Agency. Career training designed to provide or enhance leadership and the recipient force’s capabilities to conduct military planning, programming, management, budgeting, and force development to the level of sophistication appropriate to that force.

Where is the Navy Senior Enlisted Academy?

Navy Senior Enlisted Academy (NAVSEA) offers a controlled number of seats to the Marine Corps. This academy is located at Naval Station (NS) Newport, Rhode Island.

What does JPME stand for?

Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) is a form of Professional Military Education (PME) in the United States that emphasizes a multiservice approach.

What are the military education levels?

As the Military Education Policy Document points out, professional military education has five progressive levels: precommissioning, primary, intermediate, senior, and general/flag.

What is JPME II?

Joint Professional Military Education, Phase II ( JPME II ) is a career milestone for joint warfighters and was designed and implemented to assist with the development of military leaders.

How long does ACSC take to complete?

Best case, it takes seven months to complete ACSC by correspondence.

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Can civilians attend the Naval War College?

Personnel attending CMOW courses typically include domestic and international officers and government civilians, though individual course makeup varies. For more information on the different PME programs, please visit the College of Maritime Operational Warfare.

What does PME status mean?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Professional Military Education ( PME ) refers to the professional training, development, and schooling of military personnel. It encompasses many schools, universities, and training programs designed to foster leadership in military service members.

What is the professional military education requirement for promotion to sergeant?

As a candidate for staff sergeant, you will need to successfully complete the mandatory Professional Military Education courses or PMEs. Required PME courses include the Sergeant’s Nonresident Program/ Sergeant’s Distance Education Program or the Marine Noncommissioned Officer Course/ NCO Basic Nonresident Course.

Why is education important in the military?

Military education is valuable because it provides an intellectual architecture for battlefield success. It contributes to stable civil- military relations, a culture of reflection, and a capacity for critical analysis.

What rank is e6 in the Navy?

Navy Ranks – Enlisted and Officer, from Lowest to Highest

Pay Grade Rank Abbreviation
E-5 Petty Officer Second Class PO2
E-6 Petty Officer First Class PO1
E-7 Chief Petty Officer CPO
E-8 Senior Chief Petty Officer SCPO

How long is Air Force Senior NCO Academy?

The Air Force Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy (AFSNCOA) is a resident CCAF-affiliated program that consists of 200 classroom hours. The curriculum prepares SNCOs for increased leadership responsibilities in the joint, combined, and inter-agency operating/strategic environment.

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Who is the Navy Senior Enlisted Academy named for?

Tomich was mothballed. In 1947, Governor Herbert B. Maw of Utah proclaimed Peter Tomich an honorary citizen of that State, and guardianship of his Medal was granted to Utah. In 1989 the Navy built the Senior Enlisted Academy in Newport, RI and named the building TOMICH HALL.