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Schofield Barracks

The 25th Infantry Division (Light) prepares for deployment to a theater of operations to perform combat operations as part of a corps counterattack. On order, conducts theater-wide deployment within 54hours of notification to perform combat operations in support of USCINCPAC theater strategy. As the strategic reserve for the United States Pacific Command (PACOM), the 25th Infantry Division (L) has a standing mission to deploy when directed and conduct combat operations on arrival. The Division must routinely commence deployment operations within eighteen hours of receipt of a deployment order and sustain the deployment flow to permit the entire Division to deploy within seven days.

Honolulu, HI

Honolulu is the capital and largest city of the U.S. state of Hawaii. In the Hawaiian language, honolulu means sheltered bay or place of shelter. The city is located along the southeast coast of the island of O‘ahu. The term also refers to the District of Honolulu. According to latest U.S. Census estimates (2004), the population of the district is 390,000 and that of the county is 900,000.

Most of the city's commercial and industrial developments are located on a narrow but relatively flat coastal plain, while numerous ridges and valleys located inland of the coastal plain divide Honolulu's residential areas into distinct neighborhoods: some spread along valley floors and others climbing the interfluvial ridges. Within Honolulu proper can be found a number of volcanic cones: Punchbowl, Diamond Head, Koko Head (includes Hanauma Bay), Koko Crater, Salt Lake, and liamanu are most conspicuous.

An economic and tourism boom following statehood brought rapid economic growth to Honolulu and Hawaii. Modern air travel would bring thousands of visitors to the islands. Today, Honolulu is a modern city with numerous high-rise buildings, and Waikiki is the center of the tourism industry in Hawaii, with thousands of hotel rooms.

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